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Danny Kroetch

"My Goal is to eliminate discomfort for both horse and rider thereby maximizing performance by increasing freedom of movement”
Dan Kroetch is a Master Saddle Fitter who travels widely throughout North America, Europe and Asia conducting saddle fitting clinics and giving lectures on the proper fitting of saddles. Dan has a reputation for being able to fit the most difficult horses and his specialty lies in his ability to help those horses that are experiencing pain from their existing saddles.
In conjunction with Academy Bartels, Dan was invited to take part in a 15-month study with Utrecht Veterinary University in the Netherlands on how ill fitting saddles affect the horse's movement. The findings were published in 2004.

Adjusting Saddles

Dressage Hugs 12 Days - Congratulations Rebecca Tanti

Congratulations Rebecca Tanti on winning the beautiful DK Saddlery girth that was given away in the Dressage Hubs 12 days of Christmas awesomeness.  Thanks to Susan Vega from Dressage Hub for including us in the great Christmas give away.  

Christel Fingerroos - Thank you for visiting Norway

I would like to present my sincere thanks for you visiting Norway and introducing me to your saddles.  Anne visited me and fitted a saddle to my two horses, a fjord horse gelding and a Norwegian dole mare.  Both are equally wide, Anne had to stretch her measurements of the withers to the limits of her gage.  They also both have very short backs.  Lucky for me since one saddle fits them both. It was a new experience for both horse and rider to try one if your saddles.  Neither one of my horses quite understood what was happening and were very attentive to me.

TRIUMPH - Mono Flap Cross Country Saddle

The new Triumph Cross Country Saddle is the ultimate fit for horse and rider.  It comes with a large thigh and calf block and very forward flap. It has a medium-shallow seat, very wide channel and large panels in front for extreme freedom and very little pressure and compression on the shoulder.  The mono flap allows extreme closeness and contact for the rider to become one with the horse.

Congratulations Cory McAllister

Congratulations to Cory McAllister on winning the trainers challenge in Innisfail, Alberta, this past weekend, August 13/14.  He was up against 5 other really good trainers.  Cory has a DK cutting saddle as well as a DK reining saddle.  Once again his colt did not buck!  Cory contributes this to being able to adjust his saddle to his colt.  He says "My saddle never interferes or hurts my horse, therefore,does not cause resistance" "Colts buck from two things, fear or pain and with these saddles I'm able to eliminate both!"  Great job Cory!