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Brittany Fraser - Testimonial

I have ridden in DK saddles for 12 years.  Since 2005 I've had many horses and many different types of horses and they all love the saddle.  My horses backs are strong and pain free due to the air instead of wool. The air lets the horses backs move freely and the horses muscles can breathe.  These saddles stay in one place and let my horses move freely.  Danny Kroetch works very hard to make sure my saddles fit me and my horses properly.  I love my saddles and would recommend them to anyone!  Thank you !!

Congratulations - Rhiannon & Caroline

Congratulations to both Rhiannon Williams and Caroline Locke on their fabulous 2015 show year. Both of these lovely ladies and their beautiful grey horses use DK Saddlery Bond 2 dressage saddles for optimum performance.  Great riding!

Western Saddle Covers

DK Saddlery now has beautiful saddle covers for their western saddles.  They are fleece lined with a nylon exterior and of course the DK Logo.  All new DK western saddles will come with one.  We also have black covers with no logos for sale.

Robin-Lynn Brent -

The client that you adjusted a used DK for when you were here just got home and rode in the saddle for the first time today (Feb 2) She is so happy and excited!  She has tried about 50 saddles over the last year and was always sore and uncomfortable.  I kept telling her to get a DK and she finally did... She is in love with it and was not sore at all.  Thanks so much for being great!  And always giving us amazing customer service.  You have another happy customer.  Much appreciated.

David A Osage -

Put in the living room in front of my wife's Steinway grand, seems fitting art next to art!

DK Cutter Saddle - Cory McAllister - Cinch Performance Horshmanship

Well very pleased to let everyone know that DK Sponsored Rider (and son) Cory McAllister just had a fabulous weekend in Smithers BC competing in a trainers challenge.  There were 3 trainers and 3 unbroke - straight out of the field 2 year old quarter horses.  Cory drew a chestnut filly.  She turned out to be the toughest of the bunch.  Very touchy/waspy as well as having a real red headed attitude!  He did a fabulous job.  What was most interesting is Cory's filly was the only one that would stand for saddling and mounting.  The others got worse as the sessions went by.  Cory's never experienced pain from the saddle, a DK Cutter.  Cory was able to adjust the bars of his saddle so it didn't pinch or put pressure in the wrong area. Cory didn't win the competition but did win the finals hands down. c here


DK Saddlery @ a Show

Missy Clark

Julia came out to adjust my new saddle last night.  I told her after 3 years of trying saddles on my poor mares back I should have just bought the damn DK.  She laughed and told me to tell you "Should have just bought the damn DK" new tagline for you LOL.  Loving it!

Thanks from Cynthia Vossenberg

Just wanted to send a note for taking the time to fit my used DK Saddle on my horse Lucy at Stonehaven Farm this past June. I am a student of Joanne Bouwhuis.  My equine chiropractor and my equine massage contact cannot believe the difference in her back. Thanks again.  Cynthia Vossenberg