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Saddle Fitting for The 20th century

                      Saddle Fitting with DK Saddlery
             With Master Saddle Fitter Danny Kroetch
                            Written by Amy C. Barton
DK Saddlery is all about adjustability. That one word, adjustability, sums up everything that DK Saddlery believes in. Danny Kroetch is a world renowned Master Saddle Fitter and designer. The success of his saddle designs is based on the fact that an adjustable fit is incorporated into every saddle the company builds. Danny believes that saddles which do not have the ability to be fit asymmetrically to a horse’s withers cannot ever truly fit. That may sound confusing, but read on to gain a deeper understanding of saddle fit.

Western saddle testimonial from Wade Remple Calgary Stampede Pickup man for 26 years

Dk Saddlery approached me 2 years ago to try one of their saddles. After using it for 2 years on multiple horses I quite like the way I can make it fit on any of my horses. Anybody that has different shaped horses would like this saddle as it will fit all of them. It is easy to adjust and the airbags are good for sore backed horses. I would recommend this saddle to anyone looking for a quality custom made saddle. 

Western saddle testimonial

I love Danny's saddles for my horse and myself. First, as far as your horse is concerned, you cannot do better than being able to adjust and customize the angle and contact of your saddle's bars to your horse. That's what Danny Kroetch saddle's offer--a marvelous, unique feature of adjustable bars. The air cushioning under the fleece then cinches the deal, giving you a perfect fit. Then you get to sit in a perfectly balanced saddle! That's when you realize how many badly adjusted saddles you've been riding in.

Western saddle fit Article For Horses Magazine

                      Saddle Fitting with DK Saddlery
             With Master Saddle Fitter Danny Kroetch
                            Written by Amy C. Barton

Testimonial from another long time happy customer

By Heather Thomas
#1 is my DK FREEDOM SADDLE. I bought this saddle
soon after I bought Marcus when he was 4 or 5. At the
time I had to wear a wide leather weight lifter’s support

Julie Houle - Happy Customer

Julie Houle in her new DK Bond - Mare is finally sound, so first ride in new saddle - OH MY GOD as good as she's been in a borrowed DK, incredible.  You sir, are a genius.

Saddle Fitting

Danny Kroetch Fitting Saddles


DK Saddlery Welcomes Lillian Heard

Welcome Lillian Heard to the Dk Saddlery Team.  Lillian is ranked as one of the top 10 event reiders in the USA today and is competing in the Rolex 2014.  She is one of the favorites to win.

Norma Jean Clayton -

Thanks so much for the tune-up on my saddle Corey it feels amazing again