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CA/ADA DK Saddlery Show Awards

We had two divisions:  Training level - 3rd Level and 4th Level to Grand Prix.  Over 30 riders signed up so that was fabulous.  Lots of very happy horses!  Here are the winners -

Training Level - 3rd Level

1.) Kendra Lergsberghe - 68.85% 

2.) Evhan Hinz - 68.04%

4th Level - Grand Prix

1.) Rhiannon Williams - 68.75%

2.) Gloria Schriever - 63.5%

Congratulations to you all !!

Carol Zemla

Just wanted to let you know how fantastic my horse is going after you fitted his saddle.  It is like I have a whole new, younger, energetic horse.  I enjoyed all the knowledge you shared too.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and my horses too)!

Teah Bankes

Wanted to let you know we love our saddles.  We have a total of 15 saddles, 5 are Freedoms and 10 are Bonds.  They have greatly improved the position of my students riding and the horses are so much freer!  Love 'em, Thank you.

Diane Mayes -

I threw my saddle on a starter colt yesterday and the ranch owner said I was brave using such a nice saddle on a colt...I said I bought it to use it and it's the only saddle I would put on a horse. He offered to put an old wreck of a saddle on just in case it comes off in the dirt.  I said saddle fits the horse so he won't be bucking it or me off.  My first ride on him today proved correct..not a flinch from him at all. Thank you!! 

Congrats to Brittany Fraser - Pan Am Games

Congrats to DK Saddlery sponsored rider, Brittany Fraser and her fabulous horse "All In" on successfully being chosen for the Canadian dressage team heading to the Pan American Games!  In their last qualifying show - they won the Prix St George with a whopping score of 74.474%, the Int 1 with another crazy high score of 74.395%  Cheer on Britt in Toronto July 11-14, 2015.  Go Team DK! 

West Palm Beach FL

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 - 14:15

Travel to Florida

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Back From Europe

Another busy European Tour to Germany, Belgium, Holland and England  all in 12 days which I do every 3 months.

Saddle Fitting for The 20th century

                      Saddle Fitting with DK Saddlery
             With Master Saddle Fitter Danny Kroetch
                            Written by Amy C. Barton
DK Saddlery is all about adjustability. That one word, adjustability, sums up everything that DK Saddlery believes in. Danny Kroetch is a world renowned Master Saddle Fitter and designer. The success of his saddle designs is based on the fact that an adjustable fit is incorporated into every saddle the company builds. Danny believes that saddles which do not have the ability to be fit asymmetrically to a horse’s withers cannot ever truly fit. That may sound confusing, but read on to gain a deeper understanding of saddle fit.

Western saddle testimonial from Wade Remple Calgary Stampede Pickup man for 26 years

Dk Saddlery approached me 2 years ago to try one of their saddles. After using it for 2 years on multiple horses I quite like the way I can make it fit on any of my horses. Anybody that has different shaped horses would like this saddle as it will fit all of them. It is easy to adjust and the airbags are good for sore backed horses. I would recommend this saddle to anyone looking for a quality custom made saddle.