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Up date from Pia in Germany

I am at Jonny Hilberath's this week for training boot camp with three of my horses, and one if the first things Jonny said to me again is what a HUGE difference he notices in my seat with my new saddles! He said the DK gives me exactly the support I need and I can now actually sit in balance with the horse. Once again Danny I cannot say thank you enough :-)

Pia Formuller competing in Aachen, Germany

Some great news as Pia Fortmuller who has just started riding back in the DK Bond II who rode in Aachen ,Germany finished in 9th place overall and now vows she will never ride in another saddle ever again as all the saddles she has tried before which was a lot all hurt her horses back!!
Pia adds:"And I should add that Jonny Hilberath (one of the German team Coach's) came up to me and ask what saddle I'm riding in because he noticed a HUGE difference in my seat :-) Cool eh!"

The experience of buying the right saddle

"The experience of buying the right saddle"

My belief that my horse deserved a pain free life from people, along with my trust in Ashley and in my trainer made me wait to find the right fit in a saddle.

After trying out at least 7 or 8 saddles, wanting so much to have one, comfy for me and one that fit my horse,
neither Ashley or my trainer were happy with the fit of the multiple saddles I was dying to have. I was so close to just getting one due to my needs I almost went against their advice.

Danny Is Lecturing in New Hampshire


Saturday, May 11 • 10am
UNH Durham, COLE Hall, Rm 219 •FREE OF CHARGE•

“Dare to Compare” Saddle Fitting Lecture & Demo with DK Saddlery

Western Saddle Fit Article For Horses Magazine

                      Saddle Fitting with DK Saddlery
             With Master Saddle Fitter Danny Kroetch
                            Written by Amy C. Barton

My Trip into Maine

Another happy horse and rider

Dear Danny,
Thanks to you,my mare and I are really starting to progress without tension!!
It took me a little getting used to riding in my Freedom after riding in another saddle with a wider seat and twist( muscle memory) Its amazing how much straighter I am in the saddle even with a bit of scoliosis and how easily I can use my seat and thigh area to communicate. Sitting trot is revolutionary with Flair- I tend to be tight in my hips due to age and the Freedom combined with the Flair makes my 56 yr old body relax and move with less resistance!

Danny Kroetch claims that a wooden tree isn't adjustable, yet my saddle fitter claims that most wooden trees he can adjust, plus there are wooden trees designed specifically to be adjusted. So now I'm confused as to why Danny claims wooden trees are not

Yes there are many saddle fitters out there that claim that they can, or they do, adjust wooden trees. However, the point I would like to stress is this: if they are truly adjustable then why do saddle manufacturers sell them in sizes, such as narrow, medium, and wide? If the tree can be adjusted it should be able to be made to any size!! It should be able to be adjusted to fit any horse.

Please see accompanying photos for a greater understanding.

Western Saddle Testamonial

I love Danny's saddles for my horse and myself. First, as far as your horse is concerned, you cannot do better than being able to adjust and customize the angle and contact of your saddle's bars to your horse. That's what Danny Kroetch saddle's offer--a marvelous, unique feature of adjustable bars. The air cushioning under the fleece then cinches the deal, giving you a perfect fit. Then you get to sit in a perfectly balanced saddle! That's when you realize how many badly adjusted saddles you've been riding in.