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Danny Kroetch claims that a wooden tree isn't adjustable, yet my saddle fitter claims that most wooden trees he can adjust, plus there are wooden trees designed specifically to be adjusted. So now I'm confused as to why Danny claims wooden trees are not

Yes there are many saddle fitters out there that claim that they can, or they do, adjust wooden trees. However, the point I would like to stress is this: if they are truly adjustable then why do saddle manufacturers sell them in sizes, such as narrow, medium, and wide? If the tree can be adjusted it should be able to be made to any size!! It should be able to be adjusted to fit any horse.

Please see accompanying photos for a greater understanding.

Western Saddle Testamonial

I love Danny's saddles for my horse and myself. First, as far as your horse is concerned, you cannot do better than being able to adjust and customize the angle and contact of your saddle's bars to your horse. That's what Danny Kroetch saddle's offer--a marvelous, unique feature of adjustable bars. The air cushioning under the fleece then cinches the deal, giving you a perfect fit. Then you get to sit in a perfectly balanced saddle! That's when you realize how many badly adjusted saddles you've been riding in.



              PATENT # 8,020,362 B2


How our western saddles DON'T fit our horses

Danny also did a article for horses magazine on the way western saddles DON'T fit our horses and are damaging there backs and was out in May. This article will also be featured in the Media page of his web site so watch for it and give it a read also!!!

English saddle article

Danny just finished a article on english saddle fit with a great ad!!! Its good reading!!! It comes out in this months issue in Warmbloods Today and it will also be on this web page soon under Media.

Calgary Stampede


Well it is the famous Calgary Stampede here in Calgary and I have my three reps from Holland Ger, Nico and Charles coming in on Tuesday to come and see Canada and enjoy all of our wonders such as the Mountains , Lakes and the wild life a long with the Stampede so this week should prove to be interesting. ;0)


European Trip

Yes I had a very busy trips going to Holland, Germany, Belguim, Switzerland and England fitting 64 saddles and selling many also.The weather was nice with mostly sun but a littlt rain. I was also invited by my customer Yvonne Langstraat to sit in the VIP section to watch the Dutch Finals for Dressage and Jumping and we all had a great time so I thank her very much for that.

My North Carolina and Maryland Clinic

Well I had a very busy time with my NC rep doing saddle fittings and also delivering Kirstens tree press so now she has the ability to adjust the trees of the saddle on her own. We had a very successful clinic selling lots of saddles and fitting lots also. Then off to see Julie and Dick my MD reps and had a very busy day fitting saddles there also and was good to see all my customers there again.


DK Saddlery is off  to texas for the AmeriEquine in Fort Worth Texas. The whole team is really excited to visit the lone star state, and we look foward to showing everyone the FIRST EVER FULLY ADJUSTABLE WESTERN SADDLE IN HISTORY!!!  Owner and designer  Danny Kroetch will be speaking on Friday at 12:30 and Saterday at 1:00. Also we will be staying over an extra day to demo the saddle to anyone who may be interested in the surrounding area.
So come on down and say hello.


Just got home from a great trip to Asia, it was crazy hot though - 95 - 100 plus 95 degrees humidity. Long 18 hr plane ride and 14 hr time change.Was nice to get home to "cold" Canada. I visited Singapore, Bangkok amd Hong Kong on this trip. Was great to see everyone and there horses. It is so nice to check these horses and find NO back pain, it makes my long days so worth it. Thanks to all our customers there for believing in our great DK saddles.