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New addition to the DK Saddle fitting team!!


DK Saddlery would like to welcome the new addition to our saddle fitting team!! We now have 3 new fitters in Sweden 1- Jeanette Karlsson , 2- Linda Hultkrantz , 3- Ulrika Soderberg and also in Norway -Anne Myrvoll. They will be finishing there training in Dec. when I am there as we will be doing some Dare to Compares then which I am so much looking forward to!!!!!! 


Who is the new addition riding in a DK western roping saddle

WADE REMPLE who is one of the best rodeo pickup men in North America and he just celebrated being the pickup man in the Calgary Stampede for the last 25 years!!!! He is enjoying the fitability of the bars to beable to fit any horse and by being able to fit them allows the saddle to sit far more stable and straight on the horses backs therefore freeing up the shoulders of all the horses allowing the aids to go throught far easier!!!

Another happy customer in Maine


" I LOVE it! Mica really loves it too. Caitlin was so impressed with the difference in him as well. It's amazing, he moves like a completely different horse! As I said Mica and I LOVE it!  Thank you so much for all of your help! I think I told you the DK Freedom has been my dream saddle ever since I sat in one at Equine Affaire in 2008! I never thought I would be able to own one! 

~Stephanie Hancock



Para Equestrian Riders in DK Saddles as featured in Equine Canada


Canadian Para-Equestrian Dressage riders, Jody Schloss and Robyn Andrews, secured top finishes at the Golden State Dressag Classis CPED13* hin Rancho Murieto, CA, June 14-16, 2013.


Up and coming Canadian Dressage Rider Brittany Fraser

       DK Saddles
 I have ridden in DK saddles for 8 years.  Since 2005 I had many horses and many different types of horses and they all love the saddle.   My horses backs are strong and pain free due to the air instead of wool.  The air lets the horses backs move freely and the horses muscles can breathe. These saddles stay  in one place and let the horses move freely.  Danny Kroetch works hard to make sure the saddles fit me and my horses properly. I love my saddles and would recommend them to anyone!
Thank you !!

Up date from Pia in Germany

I am at Jonny Hilberath's this week for training boot camp with three of my horses, and one if the first things Jonny said to me again is what a HUGE difference he notices in my seat with my new saddles! He said the DK gives me exactly the support I need and I can now actually sit in balance with the horse. Once again Danny I cannot say thank you enough :-)

Pia Formuller competing in Aachen, Germany

Some great news as Pia Fortmuller who has just started riding back in the DK Bond II who rode in Aachen ,Germany finished in 9th place overall and now vows she will never ride in another saddle ever again as all the saddles she has tried before which was a lot all hurt her horses back!!
Pia adds:"And I should add that Jonny Hilberath (one of the German team Coach's) came up to me and ask what saddle I'm riding in because he noticed a HUGE difference in my seat :-) Cool eh!"

Danny Is Lecturing in New Hampshire


Saturday, May 11 • 10am
UNH Durham, COLE Hall, Rm 219 •FREE OF CHARGE•

“Dare to Compare” Saddle Fitting Lecture & Demo with DK Saddlery

Western Saddle Fit Article For Horses Magazine

                      Saddle Fitting with DK Saddlery
             With Master Saddle Fitter Danny Kroetch
                            Written by Amy C. Barton