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Pia Fortmuller from GermanyTestamonial

Pia Formuller in Germany


DK Saddles 
I have recently made a switch (back) to DK Saddles and this has brought forth such a positive change in both my riding and horses that I would like to share my experience. What I should mention is that I used to ride in a DK saddle during my young rider years with my mare “Donagna”, but over the years I tried out a variety of different saddle styles and brands, but I recently came to a point where I was dealing with so many back problems in my horses and I personally as a rider, was just missing that last edge, to give me the fine feeling and finesse in my seat, so I began researching other saddles options, and I have actually come full circle and am riding all my horses in DK saddles again and my horses and I could not be happier! 
Most importantly, is the difference that I notice in my horses, the DK saddles work with air instead of the commonly used wool, which most saddles are filled with. This makes an incredible difference in how the saddle allows the muscles of the horses back to breathe. Because the air system forms itself to the contours of the horses back it also works with the horses back while they and moving and give the muscles on the horse’s backs space to move. A very clear indication of this is the difference I noticed in my Olympic mount, Orion. Orion has an extremely sensitive wither area due to many years of miss fitting saddles, and since I have been riding Orion in the DK saddle my warm up has drastically changed. It used to take me a while where I would patiently work Orion in walk to encourage him to bend in the rib cage and eventually come round over the back and stretch into the contact, now with my DK saddle Orion’s withers are not longer suffocated and he immediately feels comfortable to use his top line muscles to there full length and stretches freely into the contact. This of course carries on into all other phases of our work, because with a lose and supple back, I have a much easier time in all movements because Orion communicates positively in the contact and is willing to stretch over the back.   
The difference that I notice in my seat and effectiveness as a rider is also truly impressive. I now have the support for my seat that I need to sit effectively, and I am no longer expending excessive energy to keep my seat and legs in the right position. What is very truly amazing is how the DK saddles have really helped bring more fine tuning into my training. Because of the mono flap design I have a much closer contact to the horses rib cage, and as a result I have more of a direct communication to the horse and can immediately feel the feedback its body is giving me. This also works vise versa, because the horse is much more attentive to my aids because the saddles allows the horse to feel my aids on a much smaller and refined scale. Which is in essnece the goal of all of our daily work that we can train our horses to dance throught eh dressage movements with only a delicate guidance from the rider. But in order to achieve this we also need the right equipment, and I can truly say that the DK saddles have allowed be to take my training and riding to another level. 




Once again THANK YOU :-)