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The experience of buying the right saddle

"The experience of buying the right saddle"

My belief that my horse deserved a pain free life from people, along with my trust in Ashley and in my trainer made me wait to find the right fit in a saddle.

After trying out at least 7 or 8 saddles, wanting so much to have one, comfy for me and one that fit my horse,
neither Ashley or my trainer were happy with the fit of the multiple saddles I was dying to have. I was so close to just getting one due to my needs I almost went against their advice.

Blind trust in them, and belief in the theory of the DK saddle won out through my fears of making a mistake. The blizzard this winter kept me from seeing or comparing the saddle, or even meeting Danny.
I said I would never spend for a saddle I had not seen or ridden in. Well I did.

I was measured. My horse was viewed front, back, from above, more ways than i knew existed. She was measured, noting hollow areas, low points, shoulders, spine, hips, barrel, tailset and more.
Arrangements were made. It arrived early.
The saddle is better than promised in every way.

A week ago Sunday Danny watched and coached me, letting my horse learn she did not have to stress into movements from pressures and pain of a saddle impinging her shoulders, back and hip movement. It did not push into her hollow area of the right side of her back and constrict her right back leg. She has motion!
Everything Ashley spoke of came true. The research and experiences provided by DK Saddlery unquestionably held true.

My mare was free to move, lengthen, and reach, front and back. My sweet willing and former rescue horse now knew riding would not hurt. She would not be asked to do anything through the uneven pressures and compensation reactions created by a symmetrical saddle on a non symmetrical attempting to please horse.

A dream has been realized to help a deserved horse.
Our devoted horses try to please us, sometimes at their expense. Since Ashley massages my horse and knows her every spot - my total faith was given.

I have since looked at anatomy and musculature in horses and how the muscles move in motion. Now I finally understand exactly why the DK saddle is unique.
Danny was sweet and informative to us. He brought out the best in my horse through his patient coaching. He enjoyed seeing her move, seeking out her natural movement, fast at first, then self collected. Danny saw her as beautiful in these moments, saw her learning "yes I can do this freely now". And she did!

Tension gone, worry gone, relaxation achieved, happiness in her eye.

It is hard to know what to say. The joy in the videos of her says it all. My horse and I are not advanced. We will grow together. The experience of working with Ashley and Danny was more than worth it.

Thank goodness for the opportunity to be around such caring experts. My horse is loved and supported now from her care and training, the people that love her, and now through Ashley and Danny, all blessings to Glory.

Ashley Hutchinson
Whole Horse Works